Flare of Frankfurt – Hadi Teherani Architects

Flare of Frankfurt is a mixed-use development completed in November 2018
in the center of Frankfurt am Main. The project consists of two hotels, which
are seven to eight-storey high, set as an ensemble, in addition to a residential
building oriented in the direction of the Palais Thurn & Taxis palace. The key
intersecting traffic hubs receive a prominent urban environmental setting as
a result. The geometries and principles of design found on-site are reflected
in the street-side façade: three- dimensional façade elements vary according
to the uses involved and are developed from the ground plan in a logically
consistent manner. The gross floor area aboveground is around 24,000 m².
The concept additionally includes a three-story underground parking with
approximately 270 parking lots.
I worked on phases 2 (preliminary design), 3 (design planning) and 4
(planning approval) of the project, and have produced 2D drawings as well
as conceptual vignettes.
3D rendering by Panoptikon.
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