Chernobyl: A Techno-Fiction

The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident, which is believed to be the worst
nuclear disaster the world has ever witnessed, had unique consequences
,as very unique and interrelated conditions have contributed to the scale of
the disaster. The Chernobyl accident is a unique story about toxicity, nature,
science, politics, not to mention a story about Home.
Chernobyl: A Techno-fiction is a high-tech proposal that provides people that
live on the Earth’s most contaminated lands with non-toxic water, planting
soil and atmospheric air enabling them to stay in their homes. This fantasied
intervention, highlights the absurdity of the solutions that were first proposed
by the USSR including the cover up of such a disaster.
This intervention is also a reminder of the ridiculousness of reversing all the
human-caused damage on our planet. Claiming that geo-engineering could
provide us with safe permanent and peaceful solutions to undo the change we
have done to the Earth, is as absurd as claiming that the highly toxic exclusion
zone can be safe to live in.